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Chris Gough

Chris is an approachable professional business advisor with an open, accessible, inclusive and collaborative leadership style with over 30 years IT and Management experience. A highly ethical leader and advisor who achieves alignment of people and teams to execute vision and goals, harmonising with company goals and leaders.

Chris led the Small Business Office for Hewlett Packard Enterprise facilitating the use of SMEs within the corporation, working closely with SMEs and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy. He works with SMEs reviewing the Data they have to allow them to make data driven decisions helping them work through issues and position them so that they have the ability to work with Large corporations.

He has a strong background in IT (Cyber) security and was the deputy SIRO (Senior Information Risk Officer) for Hewlett Packard in the UK.

He has also ran a large government grant in Scotland and can assist SMEs working in this area.

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Chris worked in the corporate world for the last 30 years and in the last 6 years in the Chief Operations Officer role. He is now turning that experience to work with SMEs to help them grow, supporting as an effective coach and mentor.

He leads data driven profit improvement programmes looking at all aspects of the business, from real estate to staff, helping enhance business processes and drive efficiency. His work has focused on cost optimisation and revenue leakage to improved profitability. This may be to achieve company goals or prepare for sales prior to a merger or acquisition.


Morag Davies

Morag has over 20 years’ experience in financial services in audit, project and banking roles where she has worked with a broad range of clients and sectors and held senior lending and management positions in Business and Corporate banking within major UK Banks.

Her work has included leading and implementing strategic objectives; designing and delivering business plans and coordinating operational risk. Throughout her career she has worked in and managed project teams varying from sales and acquisitions, restructuring and change management programmes to improvement in processes and working practices.

After working with a wide range of businesses through the full economic cycle – high growth, recession, recovery, uncertainty – Morag is able to identify and analyse key drivers and core risks quickly and design a plan to set and achieve targets.

Morag set up her consultancy business to help SMEs to grow, overcome problems and become more efficient. She has a structured approach to understanding the business and setting a plan to meet key objectives. Morag builds strong relationships with clients and network of professionals and works collaboratively to implement the plan. She works on a project basis and part time within a client’s business as a finance and operations manager.

Away from work, Morag is a keen runner and loves to travel and attend music and sporting events.