Services for Small Business

CGR Business Solutions Limited offer a wide range of services an some of which is included below


Small Business Advice

IBD is a powerful, innovative and cost-effective management support resource for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs). IBD has a network of over 200 business support professionals and experts throughout the UK, all dedicated to developing, supporting and representing the interests of businesses just like yours. Our business advisers are mature, experienced problem-solvers – they’re professional, they’re focused on results and they can ‘hit the ground running’, to help identify and address your critical business issues and deliver the real, practical solutions you need. No nonsense. No waffle. All our business advisers are fully trained to manage the specific business challenges that SMEs encounter – and we support them all with a comprehensive network of business and technical experts, mentors, coaches and online management information.

Examples of the support offered:

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  • Establishing/monitoring and help writing and execute Business Plans

  • Financial reporting, financial control, raising finance

  • Improving performance and profitability

  • R&D Tax Credits

  • IT Strategy

  • Business continuity

For more information, visit or call Accredited IBD adviser Chris Gough on 07790 490879.


Tender support

CGR Business Solutions have extensive experience with public sector tenders and can offer support and guidance in this area.  This could be by helping with the governance, where we act as the independent reviewer to ensure that the bid meets the criteria. We can also build the appropriate gated review process for governance of this type of deal.

If required a bid management option can also be offered where we would direct the bid and build a plan to make sure it was submitted on time. This can be combined with the review process but in that case we would have different members of the team performing the roles, so that we had separation.

Each bid will be different in complexity and scale, we can also offer a simple model that looks at the material value of the bid before too much work has been done to assess the win probability and the risk.

Business Growth

CGR Business Solutions will work with SMEs that face growth challenges. This could be by looking at Data Driven Management Information, but more likely will focus on the process and procedures needed to introduce a governance structure to help the business keep the ethos it has built and allow the key individuals in the company to focus on the skills they have allowing empowerment in the company without losing control.



Data Driven Management Reviews

Most small businesses are run by very enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are great in the innovation and development space.  While excelling in inovation they sometimes struggle with the business side of things and this is where we can help.  Understand the offering of the company is the first step so we can work with you to build a vision and then turn that into a business plan with key performance indicators.  Once the basic components have been established we can build a Management Information system to support this, introducing dashboards and structured reviews to ensure the business owner understand where the business is going.