Andrew James

"We needed someone to stimulate our strategic thinking and help drive our business forward. Chris proved the ideal catalyst to help us think clearly about planning, targets and delivery. He really endeavoured to understand the unique nature of our business and challenged us on all the different levels. The result has been a clear routemap for the year ahead and a better understanding of where we want the business to grow."


“Having Chris review the draft of a recent tender proposal was very helpful if rather daunting at first. He picked up a lot of issues, pointing out where we needed to flesh out the detail and be consistent. If you’re not used to tendering, you really do need someone with experience and a red pen to help you through it. Not having that review process could mean you waste a great deal of time and effort. Given that there’s never enough time to write a tender, especially if you are a busy SME, it was worth the small investment in Chris’ time.”

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