We help Businesses with:

Cash Flow: Review the current cashflow to understand the financial impact and help to detail specific funding requirements, or process changes to improve.

Customer Data: We help business understand the data they have and help them to analyse this data to assist all aspects of the business from sales and marketing through to customer satisfaction.

IT Strategy: Review the current IT the business is using and help revise and implement a strategy for both applications and Infrastructure. The use of automation is sometimes not considered and the benefit of using IT to introduce automation can reduce costs and improve integrity of customer interactions, improving competitiveness in the market place.

Forecasting: Creating a sensitivity analysis based on risks and opportunities so that the business can see the potential and the threats to the finances. We do this working closely with the business owner to identify financial risks and opportunities, and help put process in place to track these.

Financials: We help to identify your funding requirements and to prepare the information required by lenders. We work with our network of contacts to find the most appropriate funding solution and assist in negotiations with lenders.

Suppliers: Using the experience we have with suppliers and subcontractors we can advise on how to get the best out of these.Banking: With our knowledge of corporate banking review and recommend solutions that will enhance the operation of the Business.

Process Improvement: Most processes can be improved we will look at the key processes in your business and review these and make recommendations, or help formulate process if they do not exist.

Profitability: Review all aspects of the business, help with pricing strategy, operational efficiency and cost optimisation. We can also review “toxic” parts of the business and look at how to improve these or remove them so that the overall profitability is improved.

Exit Strategy : We focus on the long term objectives for themselves and for their business. We review your options to understand the best approach for you and the business.